Breast augmentation


The objective of a breast augmentation is to give or restore volume to the breasts and thus increase the size of the breasts.

To do this, a prosthesis (a silicone envelope enclosing gel or saline solution) is inserted under the breast muscle in most cases.
Breast augmentation can also be performed by fat injection: breast lipofilling.

Breast augmentation Breast augmentation Tunisia, the Center Clinic

Breast augmentation is becoming more and more frequent throughout the world especially in Tunisia these days. If you feel that your breasts need improvement, then you should try breast augmentation and breast implant surgery. Now, when we say this, three questions come to mind: Do I need it? Is it safe? How much will it cost? 
There are many criteria to consider!
The Center Clinic is constantly evolving in the field of aesthetic medicine. The clinic offers services in cosmetic surgery including breast surgery.

Breast augmentation

Increasing the size of your breasts with breast implants

The patient discusses with an esthetic surgeon about her preferences for the size, feel and appearance of your breasts. The surgeon will describe specific types of implants - smooth or textured, round or teardrop-shaped, saline or silicone - as well as options for surgical techniques.

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Breast augmentation

How do I choose breast implants for breast augmentation?

The choice of breast augmentation with breast implants includes: implant type, size and profile, implant shape, and incision location.

Several forms of prosthesis are available (round, anatomical, pear-shaped ...) depending on the morphology of the patient and the need expressed (give curvature, correct a ptosis, ...). A wide variety of sizes is available at the Clinic.

Anatomical prostheses

They reproduce a natural shape of the breast, in the shape of a drop or pear, perfectly adapted for rather thin patients. 

Round prostheses

Frequently used, round prostheses give a rounder, less natural result, but have the advantage of not altering the shape of the breast when rotated.

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