Welcome to the Clinique du Centre 

The clinic has a covered area of 8500 m2 and consists of 6 floors :


  • The kitchen: the kitchen staff  do everything possible to make your meals special moments where flavors and qualities are the rule.
  • The type of diet is determined by the care team (salt-free, fat-free, diabetic, moderate texture, ...).

Ground floor

  • Two visitors lounges.
  • An emergency service with an examination room, a treatment room, a plaster room and a recovery room.
  • An outpatient hospital service with 6 beds.

1st floor

  • 39 rooms including 2 Deluxe rooms and 17 Premium Deluxe rooms.

2nd floor

  • A maternity ward with 2 delivery rooms equipped with electrically adjusted beds, a caesarean section room and 10 rooms including 1 Deluxe room.
  • A pediatric service with 5 rooms including a VIP room and a neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit with high quality equipment.

3rd floor

  • Operating room.
  • 3 aseptic rooms and a septic room.
  • 8 intensive care beds.

4th floor

  • Interventional Cardiology Unit ; an Endoscopy Unit; an Extracorporeal Lithotripsy Unit.
Clinique du Centre - Infrastructure

All the rooms of the Clinic have been arranged with a concern for comfort, aesthetics and hygiene.