Burn surgery


Aesthetic burn surgery, what is it?

Burn repair surgery is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon after the initial wounds of a burn have healed. The goal of the surgery is to mask the defect (the scar) and restore the appearance of the skin. Some of these procedures involve several months of preparation to improve the scar tissue.
Burn surgery is chosen by patients experiencing long-term negative effects of burns, functionally or aesthetically.

Burn surgery Burn treatment in Tunisia, how does it work?

Burn treatment can be both operative and non-operative, depending on the case. They can be more or less serious depending on the surface of burned skin or the duration of contact with the heat source.
Some treatments include massage of scars, application of compression garments or topical medications.

Burn surgery

Burn Surgery: Management

Surgical techniques usually include scar release procedures, where scars are opened and then repaired by a plastic surgeon. Some of these cosmetic burn surgery techniques require skin grafts
In cases where the after-effects of burns result in functional impairment or impaired growth in a child, surgery may be started early. Regardless of the delay in the management of the after-effects of burns, the use of local flaps (Z, trident ...) or skin grafts will be the most frequently used means.
The procedure is generally ambulatory, but skin grafting treatments may require a stay.

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