Endoscopic surgery and 3d laparoscopic surgery


Surgical endoscopy Tunisia

Surgical endoscopy is a method of medical visual exploration of the interior (endon in Greek) of a cavity inaccessible to the eye. This technique is used for surgical intervention (for diagnosis we simply speak of endoscopy). The instrument used, called an endoscope, is composed of an optical tube equipped with an illumination system. When coupled with a video camera, it can transmit the image to a screen.

Endoscopic surgery and 3d laparoscopic surgery Surgery with 3D vision in Tunisia

Surgery with 3-Dimensional vision makes its debut at the Centre's Clinic.
We are the second clinic in Tunisia that has this available 

It is used in a wide variety of procedures such as the removal of a meniscus, bladder tumor, polyps (of the stomach, colon, nasal fossae, etc.), removal of an enlarged prostate, treatment of certain cases of sterility, etc. It is also used in emergency situations, for example during a digestive hemorrhage to coagulate bleeding vessels, or to remove foreign bodies in the bronchi or esophagus. The most common applications of operative endoscopy are those of the abdominal cavity (laparoscopic surgery) and joints (arthroscopy).

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