Carcinological Surgery


Carcinology: Carcinological surgery in Tunisia 

Carcinology or oncology is the medical specialty that continues to evolve in Tunisia, particularly due to the arrival of personalized treatments.
Surgery remains the simplest option to remove the tumor or the affected organ and the neighboring lymph nodes. The goal is to leave no local cancerous cells and thus reduce the risk of recurrence. Sometimes the procedure can be extended to ensure healthy limits.
Carcinologic surgery is an operation performed by a surgeon to remove the malignant (cancerous) tumor.

Carcinological Surgery Consult an oncologist in Tunisia

Cancers can affect all organs and systems of the body, there are oncologists in Tunisia specialized in certain types of cancers.
Notably oncologists in gynecology, urology, gastrology, neurology, etc.
The role of the oncologist in Tunisia consists in supervising and coordinating all the care of a cancer patient. The oncologist's mission is also to prescribe treatment ; evaluate drug tolerance, chemotherapy doses and monitor the progress of the cancer.

Carcinological surgery

Carcinological surgery in Tunisia, The Center's clinic

Cancer surgery is the complete removal of the tumor or cancerous tissue from a specific location in the body. Surgery is most effective when it completely removes a tumour that is at an early stage, is located only where it originated (localized) and has not spread to other parts of the body.

The Centre's Clinic takes care of any cancer patient and handles all cancer surgeries:

  • Breast, ovarian and uterine cancer surgery
  • Surgery for digestive tract cancers by endoscopic treatment (gastrectomy, total or partial colectomy, rectal surgery), 
  • Thyroid cancer surgery
  • Carcinoma cancer surgery
  • Brain and marrow cancer surgery
  • Surgery for muscle and bone cancers 
  • Eye cancer surgery 
  • Skin cancer surgery 
  • Kidney and urinary tract cancer surgery 
  • Endocrine gland surgery 

During a cancer surgery procedure, the surgeon collaborates with the anesthesiologist, the oncologist, the radiation therapist and other colleagues to ensure the best possible care of the cancer patient.

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