Oncology is a medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of cancer patients. There are several sub-specialties: 

  • Medical Oncology (nursing coordination and use of chemotherapeutic drugs); 
  • Oncology Radiation Therapy (or Radiation Oncology); 
  • hemato-oncology, particularly blood cancer.

Medical Carcinology with Chemotherapy Carcinology Tunisia: role of the specialist

The role of the Tunisian oncologist is to supervise and coordinate the overall care of cancer patients. He is also in charge of evaluating drug tolerance and adjusting the dose of chemotherapy, as well as monitoring the progression of the cancer.
It is good to know that in elderly patients, oncologists are also involved in palliative care.
If cancer is suspected or a tumour is diagnosed by medical imaging, the patient is usually referred to an oncologist.
Depending on the course of the disease and treatment, the oncologist may offer imaging tests (for example, CT scan or MRI) and perform a biopsy (to remove the suspected lesion for biological analysis).

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